Patrick Ridley Representative Matters

  • Conducted internal investigation on behalf of University of Colorado relating to alleged eavesdropping allegations.
  • Counsel to Colorado Secretary of State who was target of Grand Jury Investigation relating to alleged misappropriation of funds.  Grand Jury refused to issue indictment..
  • Trial Counsel to 18 year old defendant in first degree murder case.  Client acquitted.
  • Internal Investigation for Fortune 500 Health Care Company concerning Colorado Attorney General and Denver Metropolitan District Attorney Investigation.
  • Counsel to a mortgage company executive investigated for tax and mortgage fraud in connection with a 2½ year investigation into an alleged $10 million fraud.  The federal government declined prosecution.
  • Internal Investigation for leading hotel chain concerning federal immigration investigation.
  • Multistate internal investigation for national building maintenance company concerning financial and immigration issues.  No charges filed.
  • Counsel to  property manager of a large national landlord alleged to have violated the Clean Air Act, based on improper asbestos removal.  The Justice Department and Environmental Protection Agency declined prosecution.
  • Trial counsel to federal agent indicted for computer fraud in connection with the 2006 Colorado Gubernatorial election.  Client was acquitted by federal jury.
  • Counsel to manager of a steel plating company investigated for allegedly violating the Clean Water Act.  Colorado Attorney General declined prosecution.
  • Counsel to Colorado Democratic Party in congressional redistricting litigation resulting in the Court choosing the Democrat’s map.
  • Counsel to political operative investigated for alleged violations of in campaign finance violation.  Prosecution denied prosecution.
  • Counsel to union leader investigated for alleged extortion in connection with United States Senate race.  The grand jury refused to issue an indictment.
  • Internal investigation of corporation alleged to have been responsible for a multi-billion dollar loss by large Australian bank.  No criminal, civil or regulatory action taken.
  • Counsel to numerous defendants accused of orchestrating or participating in some of the largest Ponzi Schemes in the history of Colorado.
  • Conducted internal investigation of large transportation corporation concerning allegations of rampant mismanagement and corruption.
  • Trial Counsel to decorated veteran accused of sexually assaulting two victims in four states over 25 years.  Acquitted of all counts.
  • Client aquitted of perjury charge in Virginia state court.
  • Counsel to numerous executives and manager of international telecommunications company who were not indicted, some of whom received favorable SEC settlements.
  • Counsel to individuals acquitted by juries of charges ranging from privacy act violations to embezzlement to sex assaults to first-degree murder.
  • Counsel to numerous individuals investigated or indicted for health care fraud.

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