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Representative Matters

  •  Trial counsel to doctor falsely accused of committing sexual assault on adolescent female patient.  Client was acquitted in under two hours after a prolonged jury trial.  See Law Week article regarding the acquital and Vail Daily articles regarding the accusationstrialtestimony and verdict.
  • Trial counsel to federal agent in Chicago indicted by the United States Attorney’s Office for civil rights violations and witness tampering in the Northern District of Illinois.  Case was dismissed a week before trial after extensive pre-trial litigation based on prosecutorial misconduct, due process violations and interference with defense access to witnesses.   See Chicago’s Sun Times reported on the order.
  • Counsel to a real estate broker indicted by the Attorney General of Colorado in a multi-defendant case involving various types of mortgage fraud.   Case dismissed by prosecution before trial but after substantial litigation and advocacy. 
  • Trial counsel to United States Air Force veteran falsely accused of sexual assault by two individuals in a complicated case with accusations spanning twenty-five years and three different states.  Client was acquitted in less than three hours after a prolonged trial. I am weary of bashing prosecutorial offices that we deal with on a regular basis.
  • Counsel to an American citizen detained in Germany based on criminal charges out of Colorado, which required management of the international extradition process, travel to Germany and extensive briefing of international extradition law and all applicable extradition defenses to Colorado charges.  
  • Appellate and post-conviction counsel to individual convicted of first degree murder in Chicago in a case involving allegations of ineffective assistance of counsel that has required extensive briefing and oral argument before the Illinois Appellate Court and the Circuit Court of Cook County.
  • Counsel to accountant under federal investigation for various types of tax, mail and wire fraud, false claims and immigration violations related to employment law.  The United State’s Attorney’s Office declined prosecution.  
  • Trial counsel to a medical student accused of a sex offense who was quickly acquitted by the jury. 
  • Appellate counsel to hedge fund manager convicted of federal fraud.  Briefed and argued case involving the interpretation and application of the United States Sentencing Guidelines before the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. 
  • Representation of foreign national detained in Germany based on a federal indictment out of the United States District Court in Colorado for allegations of pharmaceutical fraud requiring significant briefing of federal sentencing issues and defenses to extradition before the High Court in Munich, Germany. 
  • Counsel to pharmaceutical executive under federal investigation in Chicago for allegations of health care fraud.  The United State’s Attorney’s Office declined prosecution. 
  • Trial counsel to Air Force Academy student falsely accused of domestic violence crimes and assault where defense was based self-defense claims and fabrication.   Client was acquitted of all charges in less than an hour.
  • Representation of American student in London under investigation for possession and distribution of sexually explicit materials.   Collaborated with local counsel and provided analysis of potential registration requirements in the United Kingdom and three different American jurisdictions. 
  • Appellate counsel for plaintiffs who brought suit against a large public health foundation seeking to unwind a $1.45 billion transaction after that foundation sold assets to a for-profit corporation.  Extensively briefed case on appeal and argued before the Colorado Court of Appeals. Denver Business Journal
  • Trial counsel to several individuals charged in Chicago with first-degree murder who were acquitted by a jury. 
  • Counsel to dentist under investigation by the Attorney General of Colorado for various types of fraud and improper billing practices.   The Attorney General’s Office declined prosecution. 
  • Trial counsel to individual charged with careless driving resulting in the death of two people who was quickly acquitted of those counts by a jury in Denver.  
  • Counsel to church leader under investigation for sexual assault of church member.   Charges were not filed by the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Trial counsel to individual accused committing disorderly conduct with a firearm.  Engaged in extensive pre-trial litigation based on the Second Amendment right to bear arms in self-defense.  Charges were dismissed by the judge during the middle of trial and client was acquitted. 
  • Counsel to numerous individuals charged with narcotics offenses in state and federal court who were either acquitted by a jury or where evidence was successfully suppressed after pre-trial litigation involving Fourth Amendment challenges.  
  • Trial counsel to retired engineer charged in Colorado with assaulting an at-risk adult.  Client was quickly acquitted by a jury.
  • Representation of students at various Colorado universities accused of wrongdoing on campus that involved negotiation with university officials and navigating Title IX issue and the due process rights of the students.
  • Trial counsel to many individuals accused of domestic violence crimes whose charges were dismissed shortly before trial.  
  • Trial counsel to juvenile charged with felony menacing who was found not guilty after trial. 

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