Kevin McGreevy Representative Matters

Representative Matters

  • Represented fossil preparer in investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Wyoming) for the illegal importation of fossils from China.
  • Represented executive of software retailer in investigation by Department of Justice (Kansas City, Missouri) of engaging in illegal grey-market reselling of software programs.
  • Defended several individual investors in a civil suit attempting to claw back their innocent investments from other investors who lost money in a Ponzi scheme.
  • Qualified by the court and testified as an expert on the standard of care for defending Child Abuse Resulting in Death matter.
  • Defended the Chairman of the Board of electronics manufacturer accused of accounting fraud in Federal Court.
  • Counsel to public service entity and special taxing district accused of financial mismanagement of State and Federal grants, by both State and Federal prosecutors;  case resulted in no-file decisions by both State and Federal prosecutors.
  • Counsel to large telecommunications company in wide-ranging, multi-year Federal investigation into a variety of criminal misconduct; company was not charged criminally.
  • Counsel to media company subject to investigation by Department of Justice Office of Public Integrity for wrongful acts in undercover reporting; no charges were filed.
  • Counsel for individual investigated by Federal government for bid-rigging and public corruption in sewer repair work.
  • Represented Oregon nightclub in dispute with former partner over dissolution of partnership.
  • Represented financial planner accused of embezzlement in State Court and before FINRA.
  • Represented individual investigated by CFTC and Department of Justice for price-fixing in natural gas market.
  • Represented head pharmacist of large regional pharmacy investigated by the Department of Justice and FDA; the government declined to file charges against individuals.
  • Represented young man accused of double homicide that resulted in not guilty verdicts on all counts; case involved DNA evidence.
  • Represented charitable organization as plaintiff in litigation against vendor.
  • Represented employees of assisted living facility in criminal investigation and potential civil litigation surrounding death of a patient, no charges were filed.
  • Represented medical school graduate in application for license to practice medicine as a Resident.
  • Represented plastic surgeon in evaluation of non-compete clause and partnership agreement.
  • Represented environmental activist under investigation by Federal authorities into arson; no charge were filed.
  • Represented nurse in defending complaint filed with State nursing board.
  • Represented nurse in pre-filing litigation against prior practice over non-compete clause/ theft of proprietary information.
  • Represented attorney with respect to subpoena to testify at co-defendant’s trial.
  • Counsel for a funeral home director prosecuted by the Attorney General’s division of insurance.
  • Represented graduate student seeking doctorate in engineering accused of felony menacing; acquitted following trial.
  • Represented father accused of incest; acquitted at trial.
  • Represented executives as witnesses before Federal grand jury investigating insider trading.
  • Represented juror as witness before grand jury investigating juror misconduct.
  • Represented former lawyer as witness before grand jury; substantial litigation on the assertion of the attorney-client privilege.
  • Successfully won on appeal case in Colorado Court of Appeals on right to preliminary hearing (unpublished decision).
  • Successfully won on appeal a case before the Colorado Supreme Court on the right to privacy in smart phone data.
  • Represented member of an Indian Tribe on behalf of the tribe involved in multi-state litigation.
  • Represented Surety before State Insurance Commissioner.
  • Represented individuals accused of Federal Social Security Fraud; no charges were filed.
  • Represented individuals in the Southern District of New York against the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange commission who were accused of insider trading.
  • Defended privacy right of electronic data on an iPhone before the Colorado Supreme Court, in People v. Schutter, Supreme Court of Colorado 2011.
  • Defended law firm under investigation of Public Integrity Unit of the Department of Justice for improper lobbying.
  • Represented a lawyer under Criminal Investigation and in Civil Litigation for accomplice liability with client.
  • Represented witness in Federal Investigation of abstract art forgeries in New York.
  • Represented CEO of mining concern in internal investigation.

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