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All of the attorneys at Ridley, McGreevy & Winocur are experienced lawyers specializing in litigation and trial practice. We have been doing this long enough to know that being involved in a legal dispute is a difficult and stressful time for our clients. This is not the time for on-the-job training. Whether it’s analyzing a claim, negotiating a resolution or trying a case, there is simply no substitute for an experienced lawyer who has been there before.

At RMW, we are proud of the accomplishments of our attorneys and the recognition we have received from our peers.

Patrick Ridley

Patrick L. Ridley Denver White Collar Criminal Defense

Patrick Ridley: Founded Ridley, McGreevy & Winocur in 2006…

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Kevin McGreevy

Kevin M. McGreevy Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Kevin McGreevy: Practice focused on criminal defense, appelate…

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Fredric Winocur

Fredric M. Winocur Criminal Defense Attorney

Fredric M. Winocur: Focused on white collar & economic crimes…

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Kristen M. Frost

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

Kristen M. Frost: Is a trial attorney who represents …

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Patrick J. Burke

Patrick J. Burke Criminal Defense Attorney

Patrick J. Burke: After more than 40 years…

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Marci Gilligan LaBranche

Marci Gilligan LaBranche Criminal Defense Attorney

Marci Gilligan LaBranche: Criminal defense and complex civil litigation

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Joshua R. Landy

Joshua R. Landy Criminal Defense Attorney Denver

Joshua R. Landy: Denver Criminal Defense

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Shanelle Kindel

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

Shanelle Kindel:  Is an experienced trial attorney …

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David M. Tenner

David M. Tenner Denver Trial Lawyer Arbitrator

David M. Tenner:  Is a trial lawyer an arbitrator and a …

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Robert T. Fishman

Robert T. Fishman Appeals Attorney

Robert T. Fishman: Civil and criminal appeals …

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Forrest W. Lewis

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

Forrest W. Lewis:  has been practicing law since 1974 …

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John T. Carlson

John T. Carlson

John T. Carlson: John Carlson is an appellate and post-conviction…

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