White Collar Criminal Defense

white-collar-criminal-defense-attorney-denver-law-firmIn today’s environment of heightened regulatory scrutiny, corporations, their officers, directors, and employees have increasingly become the targets of state and federal investigations with the threat of enhanced civil and criminal penalties. Ridley, McGreevy & Winocur brings to bear a collective expertise in order in strategically defend against such actions – quite often prior to indictment and before investigations are made public.

Ridley, McGreevy & Winocur have successfully defended clients at all stages of the investigative and enforcement process in criminal, regulatory, and civil actions for securities fraud, broker-dealer violations, embezzlement, state economic crimes, tax fraud, environmental crimes, bid-rigging, insurance fraud, voter fraud, political corruption, false statements, bank fraud, regulatory violations, foreign corrupt practices, mail fraud, and consumer fraud, The scope of our representation encompasses both companies and their executives spanning a broad range of industries, from defending the CEO of a Fortune 200 company, to a state investigation of a local lumber company.

Calculation, pen and paperGiven the firm’s particular experience in criminal defense, combined with our depth of specialized expertise and resources, Ridley, McGreevy & Winocur is well-situated to simultaneously defend across all fronts in parallel criminal, civil, and regulatory actions.

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